Sunday, November 23, 2014

Unexpected Find

We took a little nature walk with Daddy yesterday. GORGEOUS fall day! After nearly 10 days of freezing weather, we jumped on the opportunity to get out.

JK: Mom? Does that sign say there are snakes that live here?
Me: Yes, but I wouldn't worry too much. It's been so cold lately, those snakes are in hibernation.

The fall leaves were brilliant. This picture just doesn't do it justice.

We have become experts at spotting shelf fungus. And the poison oak and ivy mantra: "Leaves of three, leave them be."

Scoping out a picnic spot. And then a bird's nest! It was old and empty, but what a FUN find! 

We all agree that lunching on a nature walk always makes the food taste better! It's the same fare we would eat at home, but the conversation, the breeze, the sharing of food family style - makes it a whole new experience that's so much more fun. We also introduced the boys to pomegranates. I should have taken a picture of the red streaks around the mouths of two happy boys. They loved it!

And then towards the end of the afternoon, my husband hears my youngest screaming, "DADDY! A 'NAKE! A 'NAKE!" He could tell by the tone that he wasn't playing around. He rushed over to see our boy stooped over something on the edge of the creek, his face about 12 inches from the ground. And what should we find? A poisonous juvenile water moccasin. *gulp* I was HORRIFIED. My baby had his precious little face a foot away from it, respectfully studying it. He did not touch it, thankfully and surprisingly. This being the child that found a dead mouse in our driveway one day and wanted to tickle his belly. So much for the winter hibernating snakes.

 They say juvenile snakes are more dangerous than adults as they haven't gained control of their bites and poison release. After spotting this little fellow, is when Mommy said, "Oh, looky there. It's getting dark. It's time to go home." So we did.

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