Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vocabulary Words

We're reading Charlotte's Web for our literature choice right now. We're 9 chapters in.

Me: So let's review the last chapter. What bad news did Wilbur get?

B: *raising his hand* I know, I know! He learned fwom a sheep dat he is going to get killed.
Me: That's right. Now, why would he get killed?
JK: Because he was going to be the Christmas ham.
Me: Very good! So let's read the next chapter. JK, can you read the title, please?
JK: Chapter 9. Wilbur's Boast.
Me: What's a boast?
JK: Doesn't that mean he gets cooked?
Me: Not quite. That's a "roast". 

A drawing narration of today's reading.

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